Monthly Archives: April 2016

No Outlet?

What happens when you make a lot of stuff? You have to find a way to give it away, throw it away or sell it. The last is the best option because it means you have free license to buy more supplies and make more things. Isn’t that a maker’s perfect world?

Lately it has gotten more and more confusing, overwhelming and frustrating to figure out what online platform to use for selling one’s handmade goods. Personally, I’m at the point where I spend 80% of my time navigating social media, photographing things, writing blog posts, liking other people’s posts, and about 20% making things.

Some fellow artisans complain that galleries take 50% of their price. I’m happy to give it to them. Small independent galleries help promote my work, display it tastefully and explain it to customers. ┬áThis frees me up to concentrating on what I do best: creating.

It’s time to step away from the computer, embrace my inner artisan and get back to the basics: making great art. How about you?