Monthly Archives: December 2015

Lions and Tigers and…Elevator Pitches? Oh my.

Marketing folks advise that every business person┬áconstruct an “elevator pitch.” The elevator pitch, in case you don’t know, is supposed to be a pithy, intriguing phrases that quickly gets to the heart of what you do, or want to do. Presumably, you will one day find yourself in an elevator with your idol or someone influential in your field. The elevator pitch should get them to ask you more questions about what you do so that you have a reason to connect and maybe even give them your business card.

In my spare time or when I’m trying to doze off to sleep (which this time of year are the same), I consider possible elevator pitches, or even catch phrases for my Etsy banner. Weird Jewelry for Weird People. Probably accurate, but many people (unlike me) resent being referred to as *weird.* Me? I embrace it wholeheartedly. Interesting Jewelry for Interesting People. Even better. I’ll keep it for a while.

If you feel like sharing, what’s your elevator pitch?

In the mean time, here’s some weird jewelry for interesting people, interesting jewelry for weird people and something for almost everyone: