More Jigs, Homemade from Dumpster Diving Treasures


Jigs you can make at home from handy stuff salvaged from the trash bin!


Don’t city folk know about FREECYCLE?!

Anyway, I’m not going to bore you with descriptions of all the valuable and useful things I used to find in the dumpster alleys in central Denver. That’s a post for another day, or perhaps the middle of winter when I’m snowed in.

These wooden earrings jigs were made using small lengths (cut with jewelry saw) of strips of cedar wood. Because they are quite thin (1/16 inch in some places), I used a pencil to mark where the nails (also found in a bucket in the alley) would be hammered. I used a #59 drill bit to make pilot holes at these marks, and then gently hammered the nails into the wood. The pilot holes prevented the wood from splitting.

These jigs were intended to be used only for one specific project, but I constructed them more than a year ago and they are still going strong. I use them for longer fancy earrings like this pair:

You can see where I have also penciled in the outlines/shapes of the earwires produced with each jig. I made two sizes  – one longer and one shorter – and wrote that information on the front. The two earwire styles are similar but not exactly the same and I can easily grab the one I want depending on how dangly the earrings are.


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