The Future of Etsy


Intricate seed bead earrings made by artist Mersiha Strelci. These earrings, as well as other jewelry and handwork are available in her Etsy shop:

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If you live anywhere on this planet and you are a Maker of Stuff, you know that there are many postings about Etsy – its future, issues with copyright violations and so on. It really isn’t my intention to comment on that now, since my main profession is to making awesome stuff.

Large volume resellers, with *handmade* (NOT!) items proliferate, but rest assured there are MANY, MANY dedicated, illuminating, inspiring artists on Etsy whose work is worthy of becoming a family heirloom.

Look at these fantastic earrings:

If you don’t look very carefully at the photos in the listings, you may mistakenly think they are glittery ear adornments fashioned from easily available components. They couldn’t possibly be such a reasonable price for all that work, right? WRONG. These little lovelies have been constructed bead by tedious bead, along with lots of love and care. Trust me. I know.

I have done beadwork. It is not easy. It takes hours and hours and hours. It takes scooping up beads off the floor after the cat knocks over your work tray with her paw. It takes culling through beads so that you don’t, in a mindless moment, add a slightly irregular/defective bead to your piece and then have to rip out row after row of stitching or — horrors — scrap the whole piece.

If you need a gift for yourself or someone else, give Etsy a look, or maybe another look if you have become jaded. Be a discerning and discriminating consumer. If you are looking for the lowest price you may get it – with a corresponding lowering in quality.

Read descriptions. Appreciate the artistry, imagination and soul of the many dedicated artists still selling on Etsy. There are many of us out there and it’s not all about the money. We are passionate makers who don’t need to get rich but we do need to buy groceries. Give us a little love!


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