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Cheap Photo Props from Hardware Store

Cheap Photography Props

Wally and Marie. Hardware and Software Experts

Wally and Marie. Hardware and Software Experts.

Cheap Photography Props and Solutions:

One of my least favorite tasks:  taking photos of my products and work. In today’s world, it is an essential skill and I’ve learned to dislike it a little less. I have managed to speed up the process so that I can take photos, edit them and post them online (on Facebook, Flickr, Etsy and this blog) in somewhat less than 5 minutes each (If the sun is in the correct position in the sky).

My set up is cheap, down & dirty, gleaned from multiple online posts and tutorials about Free Photo Box setups (you can google them). I’ve taken online courses for pay and some are well worth their cost, especially if you get them during one of Interweave Online Store’s sales.

The online tutorials by Jim Lawson have been especially helpful to me. If you get one or two hints or tips, they are well-worth the low cost.

My biggest challenge is taking photos of dangly earrings. I had these shelf brackets lying around and taped them down to some white foam-core board that I got from the free box at Meininger’s in Denver. I also had some silver-colored knitting needles and one fit through the holes perfectly. The combination works adequately for holding up the earrings so they can be photographed in the position that they will actually be worn.

The foam core board is balanced inside a translucent plastic box that is missing its top. I almost threw this broken plastic box into the recycle bin, but then was able to repurpose it for a photo box.

I’m far from an expert at product photography, but this cheap set up works great for me, and the price was right.


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