Unexpected Gifts and Surprises

If you are into knitting — or just life in general — you should check out this guy’s work!

Mad Man Knitting

IMG_0739Give me a second, this post is gonna take a minute.

Its about 10pm EST. Friday night. Quiet here. You now the drill. Knitting. I actually signed up for Netflix’s free month trial, so I was watching all these lovely things I keep hearing everyone talk about, but have no clue of. Breaking Bad. Orange is the New Black. So, I’m sitting here knitting, watching some “television,” some lentil’s on the stove top. I’ve got my pajamas on, Mario is over in the corner quite content being left alone for the moment, a little drizzle outside. It’s a nice, quiet, cozy night.

Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. It’s a pizza delivery guy. Apparently, my friend Butch in Wyoming just decided I could use a pizza on my quiet Friday night. No warning. No heads up. Total surprise. “Here. Have a pizza.”

And there it was. My favorite…

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