Leather Bracelets

Mostly botanical designs, some bronze and one sterling silver tree. I just finished these and they are ready to be shipped off to a gallery! I’m not really into bracelets myself, partially because I have very skinny wrists and also because they tend to present a hazard when working with equipment. I did, however, make one of these for myself with leather from a discarded briefcase in the trash and a face plate with larkspur stems. I love the larkspurs because they attract sphinx moths and tiger swallowtails to our garden.


5 thoughts on “Leather Bracelets

    1. jendy63 Post author

      The bracelets are made from a briefcase scavenged from the trash. I had some pre-made leather cuff bracelets I got from LeatherCordUSA (about $3.00 each — nice quality and less expensive than Rings & Things). I traced the outline of the pre-made bracelets onto the leather and cut them out with a sharp pair of scissors (just regular fabric scissors). I then used snap sets I purchased from Rings & Things and punched holes with a leather punch/mallet/rubber mat & set the snaps, in the same positions as the pre-made leather bracelet. I ended up purchasing the snap setting tool and anvil from R & T (it was cheap — maybe $3 for the entire set), but probably could have used a center punch and my bench block and dapping block to set them. The instructions are on the R & T website. I can give you more info if it’s unclear. The first time I did one, I figured I’d ruin it so I was okay with sacrificing one set. It was a little confusing because there are four components, two mail and two female. You have to be very conscious and not pre-occupied when you do it, otherwise it’s easy to end up with the front of the snap on the wrong side of the leather. I was thinking at one point that I might look for old belts, purses or other leather items and then make them into bracelets.

      The faceplate is made of bronze metal clay (Metal Adventures brand regular BronzClay – not Fast Fire Bronz), and the rivets are from R & T — Vintaj natural brass nail head rivets 1/2 “. I find these work great for riveting things to leather because the nail head keeps the bronze piece in place so the rivet does not slip through the hole in the leather. Also, it speeds things up because I can just cut off the top of the nail head, file it and hammer/planish the top and it’s done. I love making regular rivets, but am always trying to make things faster if I can. The bronze clay portion was made from a two-part silicone mold I made of grasses and plants I found on a trip to Flagstaff, Arizona, to visit my sister.

      I’m glad you like the bracelets and thank you for commenting. If you need more info, please let me know and I’m glad to give you any more details that I’ve left out!

  1. metalandmettle

    Thank you so much for the detailed explanations, I really appreciate it. Now there is one more thing I am curious about: the silicone mold. I know very little about this type of material/process. Maybe, another blog post?
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. jendy63 Post author

    That is an awesome idea! But it really is very easy — Rio Grande sells Bellicold (my favorite 2 part silicone mold material). You just mix parts A & B. But you’re right…I should do a blog post. There are a number of tricks I’ve learned since I started doing it and I think others would benefit! I will try to do it very soon but am in the midst of moving.


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