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Sterling silver moon ring how to with home made tools. Part 1

I have wanted to try chasing for a very long time, and what a great way to start! Off to the hardware store! I think I have everything else I need right in my studio.


DSCF3504 The completed, hallmarked sterling silver rings.

DSCF3508 The first, spiky example was my first attempt at a ring at my first year of College. I am drawn to this type of construction, though I wouldn’t recommend this ring. It was a good exercise on many levels, not least, how to make something totally unappealing 🙂 it taught me a lot about soldering though. The second was my first attempt to make a ring with repousse and chasing techniques to take advantage of the ‘skinned’ or two part hollow nature of these rings. The third is where this project takes off.

DSCF3424 To give you a flavour of the process, some experiments, drawn, paper mock ups and copper blanks ready for the next stage.

DSCF3422 This is not the final patter, though pretty close. If you do something similar I would recommend using graph paper, I did in the end. The reason is, when…

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