Afternoon with Irish Cows by Billy Collins

April is National Poetry Month. Cows seem to be in the air…

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a favorite poem by Billy Collins

I thought about this poem as I listened to the early evening bellowing of our bovine neighbors across from our new house. I don’t know exactly why I’m so drawn to this poem. I think I just like the music in it. I’ve read this poem to a few of my classes during National Poetry Month (April); no applause, just puzzlement over why their Biology teacher was reading them a poem about a cow mooing (and frankly, why I would read a poem at all). Oh well, I think it’s potentially helpful for students to get a peek into their teachers’ interests, even if we’re revealed to be nerdy or uncool.

Afternoon with Irish Cows
by Billy Collins

There were a few dozen who occupied the field
across the road from where we lived,
stepping all day from tuft to tuft,
their big heads…

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