See, I knew there was a reason I was keeping all my sister’s old mandolin strings!

Barbara Briggs Designs

MixedMedia_Polymer Clay_Charm_RecycledGuitarString_Bangle

That’s the new term for using recycled materials and making them into something useful and/or beautiful. Abhorring waste, up-cycling is something I do often. I admit to being a packrat…I was raised by parents who lived through the Great Depression. They saved everything and taught me to do the same. I can’t begin to tell you how often my mother said, “You never know when you might need it!”…that phrase still rings true for me. While going through a cabinet in my studio, I came upon a box of found objects including several bundles of guitar string wires that I’d been collecting for use in jewelry making. They are wonderful when wrapped upon themselves and secured with polymer clay. These photos show several examples of pieces I’ve made using guitar string wires.


I have accumulated more bundles of guitar string wires than I can use at the moment so I’m selling them. Each bundle…

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