Sterling Metal Clay: PMC3 plus PMC Sterling


Celie Fago posted the results of her year of experiments with combining equal amounts of PMC3 and PMC Sterling clay. Celie’s blog explains this in more detail, but this combination of clays can be fired on an open shelf (no messy carbon!) at 1500 degrees F for 1 hour. This is the most exciting development in metal clays in a long time.

Often I wait for new trends to settle and let others experiment before I try new techniques or materials, but Celie was quite confident about the strength and ease of this combination. I immediately tried it and used the result to make the earrings above. The flower components are the new sterling combination, riveted to a backing of patinaed nickel silver sheet metal.



2 thoughts on “Sterling Metal Clay: PMC3 plus PMC Sterling

  1. Jenny E.

    Yes, I love it!!! I will try this because I find that in my hot climate the PMC sterling actually dries FASTER than PMC. I was going to try Celies method and now I hear it worked for you, so I will definitely try it this weekend. I will let you know how I go. I want to use the paste for stencilling too. Love, Jenny, Australia

    1. jendy63 Post author

      I love the fact that the pieces don’t need to be buried in carbon or subjected to the two-stage firing. Makes things MUCH easier!


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