Monthly Archives: February 2013



Who do you think you are? Do you REALLY think you can compete with all those otherĀ  [way more talented than you] artists out there? Your stuff sucks. And you didn’t even go to art or metalsmithing school. Why don’t you just give up now?

Each morning I go to my studio to make stuff. Often I hear these very words in my head. They are the words of the inner critic, which I have also identified as the jerky left brain (I’m re-reading Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain). These words are not conducive to working productively. Soon I’m drowning in a sea of inadequacy and depression. I didn’t send off that donation (if I did, it wasn’t “enough”) or do that favor or send that get-well card, or any of the other things on my “To Do In The Next Million Or So Years” list. Maybe I should just give up. But I’m a serial-maker of things. Even if I didn’t have bills to pay and food to buy, I’d be making things. When I’m sad, I want to make things as an antidote.

So my new mantra – motto – battle cry – is: ENOUGH.

I have enough. I do enough. I AM ENOUGH.


Happy Valentine’s Day to you!