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New Work in Aluminum!

Yes, the price of silver is down a bit, but sometimes another material is called for. I ordered several pieces of aluminum sheet and large gauge wire. This is an experimental test barrette. I have several cloud designs that I’ve been wearing and testing until I find a new hair stylist! This barrette really should have been sawn out of a thicker metal, but I still think it’s fun and someone will enjoy it.  In a future (soon!) post, I will post more details about its construction.

Post a comment on this blog and I will private message the winner. After I get at least 100 comments I will use a random number generator to determine the winner.  The barrette will be shipped to you anywhere in the USA or Canada. I will even email you the tracking information for it. Any customs/taxes/duties will be your responsibility, but everything else is free!

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Equine Inspiration


There are horses everywhere here in Steamboat Springs. I designed this horse while I was in the lobby of Old Town Hot Springs waiting for my spa companion to finish his sauna. It will be a bolo tie when finished. The design needs refining and tweaking, but there will be plenty of time for that during the long cold winter days. Today we had our first snow and lighted a fire in the downstairs wood stove. Life is good!

Unexpected Gifts and Surprises


If you are into knitting — or just life in general — you should check out this guy’s work!

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IMG_0739Give me a second, this post is gonna take a minute.

Its about 10pm EST. Friday night. Quiet here. You now the drill. Knitting. I actually signed up for Netflix’s free month trial, so I was watching all these lovely things I keep hearing everyone talk about, but have no clue of. Breaking Bad. Orange is the New Black. So, I’m sitting here knitting, watching some “television,” some lentil’s on the stove top. I’ve got my pajamas on, Mario is over in the corner quite content being left alone for the moment, a little drizzle outside. It’s a nice, quiet, cozy night.

Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. It’s a pizza delivery guy. Apparently, my friend Butch in Wyoming just decided I could use a pizza on my quiet Friday night. No warning. No heads up. Total surprise. “Here. Have a pizza.”

And there it was. My favorite…

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No Sushi at the Company Picnic


If you are a human being, you will want to subscribe to this blog. (P.S. Patty is my sister).

Originally posted on Playing with Wild Plant Friends:

Hit snooze on the coyote alarm at 4am, still halfway in a dream where I didn’t get any sushi at the company picnic because I was busy cooking corn for everyone (and funny that one of the things I plan to do today is cook lots of corn). I listened to the joyous wild song and then rolled over and went back to bed. When I wandered into the chaparral a while later with my coffee I saw why the tarantula crossed the road; tarantula hawks the size of hummingbirds are everywhere with their iridescent blue/black wings. One walked along the sand and when she got to my foot she flew away. I think of all the things I have learned and done this month, dying wool with tea (Thelesperma megapotamicum), helping make Yucca baskets, making a cradleboard from desert willow (Chilopsis linearis) and Gooding’s willow (Salix gooddingii). Returning from…

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Botanical Mixed Metal Pendant


I just finished this and shipped it off to one of my galleries. The botanical portion is made from BronzClay (Metal Adventures brand), and then riveted to sawn nickel silver and copper which has been textured.

The botanical image was made by carving into a soft block material. This is yet another way to use one’s own images to make jewelry.

One of my followers (wow, doesn’t that sound awesome?!) suggested I do a post on two-part silicone mold making. I will write that as soon as I can, as well as posting about the carving method used above.



Leather Bracelets

Mostly botanical designs, some bronze and one sterling silver tree. I just finished these and they are ready to be shipped off to a gallery! I’m not really into bracelets myself, partially because I have very skinny wrists and also because they tend to present a hazard when working with equipment. I did, however, make one of these for myself with leather from a discarded briefcase in the trash and a face plate with larkspur stems. I love the larkspurs because they attract sphinx moths and tiger swallowtails to our garden.